What are Blog Tours and what are they useful for?

Once upon a time there were press trips: on occasion of an event or product launch journalists and insiders were invited in order to tell and promote the event/product. All of this giving the right distribution on mass media. Today things have changed.

Lately blog tours (or blog trips), special events where blogger of a specific industry are invited, are becoming increasingly popular and important. Bloggers give highlight to the event that needs promotions, report and tell about it on their personal blogs and give related news on their social channels.

A premise: bloggers are not necessarily journalists, they do not pretend as such and do not aspire to replace them. Bloggers are simply something else. Passionate about writing and the Internet, you can recognize them by the permanent attachment to the web and to social networks (their worst nightmare is that there is no Internet connection) and the consideration of their smartphone and tablet as a natural extension of their body.

Nowadays bloggers are many and of different types: among the most important travel bloggers (dealing with and writing about travel), food bloggers (food lovers and recipe distributors) and fashion bloggers (enthusiasts of fashion and anything that has to do with style).

What is a blog tour for?

Essentially a blog tour is useful to do promotion and make your event known having as storyteller someone who is a professional, is able to tell about it and has a large following of readers. On occasion of an event connected to tourism or for tourism promotion of an area/region you can organize a travel blog tour, while in the case of a food and wine event a food blog tour and so on turning to blogger specialized in the travel industry in the first case or in the food industry in the latter.

A blog tour can be particularly useful for tourist boards to raise awareness of the beauty and local realities rather than a festival about Italian food excellence or artistic and cultural events to be promoted. The possibilities are almost endless.

Someone actually noticed it (even if in Italy we have a sensational late) and are wisely exploiting the resources of blog tours. But not everyone has understood their potential.

Of all the social networks Twitter is the ideal channel: the “rebound” effect is immediate, the spread expands rapidly especially thanks to the powerful tool of hashtags (now available also on Facebook). Unlike Facebook, Twitter reaches anyone, also people you don’t know. Therefore the event is documented and reported live on social networks and so it helps to give resonance immediately and in a wide range.

Why are we preferring bloggers?

The strong presence on social networks (especially if the bloggers have many followers or many likes) and attachment to the network is their winning card: bloggers turn out to be an invaluable resource or those involved in promoting events or tourist reality.

And then there’s another added value: Bloggers are driven by passion. Real passion.

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