I’m a freelance SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER & SEO COPYWRITER with a focus on tourism (writing and travelling are my biggest passions).
In 2014 I quit my employee job, I took a sabbatical period and I spent 5 months travelling across South-east Asia on my own. From that extraordinary experience Clamore in Asia, my first eBook, was born and my decision to take up a career as a freelancer in the communication industry.
Today I deal full time with SOCIAL MEDIA (management, creation and optimization of pages and accounts, editorial plans, tutoring), COPYWRITING and WRITING OF SEO ORIENTED CONTENT (writing of online/offline texts in Italian and English), ARTICLES and BLOGGING (writing of articles and content for the press and web industry), WEB CONSULTING (support for all aspects related to digital world and communication), TRANSLATIONS and PROOFREADING (translations IT – EN and text proofreading).
I’m one of the founders of Turismo & Innovazione (Tourism & Innovation), a network of professionals offering consulting and services in the field of tourism marketing. Besides, I write about my travels on my blog, Travel Stories.




I deal with the creation, management and optimization of social media pages and accounts, creation of editorial plans and advertising campaigns, community management, I offer tutoring and customized lessons about social media.


I write SEO oriented articles, web pages and content for blogs and web-sites, I deal with the creation of newsletters and press releases, I create texts for brochures, booklets and catalogs in Italian and English.


I provide assistance, consulting, supervised training and customized lessons to teach how to communicate properly and effectively with reference to social media marketing and communication strategies.


I create and make stories so that you can tell about you, your brand or company in a personal and emotional way through any communication channel.



Here you find some of the latest projects I have dealt with in the communication and web marketing field.

Ross Hotels Siena

Ross Hotels Siena

Hotel De La Poste Cortina

Villa Cortine Palace Hotel



What people who I have worked with say about me

Alessandro De Ponti
It’s been a pleasure to work with Claudia because when she carries out a project she combines professionalism and ability to be proactive, she complies with deadlines and has a good flexibility in being able to adapt the objectives in progress according to the Client’s needs.
Alessandro De PontiZara Comunicazione
Laura Castoldi
Working with Claudia is a pleasure. She manages to get into the customer’s project and, when she doesn’t know, she isn’t afraid to ask, so creating an excellent synergy and a mutual exchange of information and skills. She’s an enthusiastic, curious traveler and a passionate storyteller.
Laura CastoldiI Buoni Sani
Marco Esposito
I have worked with Claudia in many web projects and I must say it’s always great to work with her: she’s very accurate, careful and professional in any situation. What’s more, I admire her because she’s an extremely dynamic, positive and passionate person, in her life as well as in her job.
Marco EspositoEspomGraphics
Piersandro Mazzoleni
Claudia isn’t just a super Social Media Manager, she’s a super copywriter and content manager too. She’s always very attentive to anything involving the projects, she never limits herself to the minimum required but goes the extra mile in a decisive, creative and performing way.
Piersandro MazzoleniVP Strategies



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